Online Course: Balance Life Coach 1 – Introduction To Coaching

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An online training course to become a Balance Life Coach. This Life Coaching course is the 1st of 4 courses.

This course consists of the following 4 modules:

  1. Master Class 1: Introduction To Coaching
  2. Master Class 2: Basic Framework Of Coaching
  3. Master Class 3: Defining The Act Of Coaching And The Coach
  4. Master Class 4: Being Human And Definitions Of Coaching

Lifetime Access: When you buy this course you have lifetime access to it.

Presenter: Nico Liebenberg



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21 reviews for Online Course: Balance Life Coach 1 – Introduction To Coaching

  1. Manda

    The longer I follow the course the better it gets! Thank you Nico for an excellent, well thought-through product and the wealth of knowledge, expertise, and resources that you share with us. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wishes to enrich their lives.

  2. Susietjie

    The introduction was comprehensive. It was not only the course content but as individuals were also introduced into our calling. Thank you Nico for using yourself as a teaching aid. All your presentations are a living testimony. You are a God sent messenger.

  3. Gideon

    When you are in a season in life where you can’t be very productive you start to struggle with thoughts of worthlessness and insignificance. This course helped me with a paradigm shift that helped to discover freedom and that my life do have meaning and that GOD do have a plan and purpose with my life. I discovered more of the heart of GOD and in the process discovered more of me and purpose 🙂

  4. Susann

    This course provides the introduction to life coaching, it has provided with revelation about myself, my own journey of becoming and it has truly light a fire within me to continue on this journey of finding my own purposes, which I believe is coaching.This course was carefully put together by the master teacher, Nico and it’s clear that it’s grounded on his very solid faith in God. A MUST do!!

  5. Irma

    A life changing opportunity to self-discovery. To becoming who you need to be to serve Him. To becoming the best version of you in order to serve His children. Whether it be as a formal coach or a friend for someone who needs guidance.

  6. Tertia

    This is a comprehensive introduction to coaching and so much more. It is also a journey to discovering who you are and what you are becoming and how to guide someone in the same direction. Nico’s also leads you to a pure understanding of God’s love for you and how this reality changes the the way you perceive the world around you. Thank you Nico

  7. Karen

    This is a Life changing course.
    Nico you brought change to my life so that I can bring change to other’s lifes in my journey of becoming.

    In three words:”Like a dandelion”

    Thank you Nico

  8. Elmari

    This course definitely had a life changing effect on me. I thought I was fine, but I learned such a great deal about my identity, and becoming the best I can be. Thank you Nico, your lectures, relationship with God and people taught me a lot and helped me to be present in each conversation and helping relationship. Actually there are so much to say that I don’t know where to begin and end.

  9. Valerie

    The amount of information that Nico shares in this course is far more than could ever be written in a book. His personal experience, his years of teaching, and the way he is conveying this knowledge to us is done with passion, drive, and spontaneity. The factors of empathy, unconditional positive regard, and congruence reflect his personal lifestyle. Amazing to learn from you. Thank you Nico.

    • Nico Liebenberg

      Thank you Valerie. What a privilege to journey with you on your path to become everything God dreams for you.

  10. Katie

    This course is the key to find out who you are and who you are becoming. Kind of like when the catterpillar realises it is a worm (accepting and embracing even the worm state) that will (can) become a butterfly…
    This course is a definate have to do
    For yourself
    For others

  11. Katie

    Definite must do course

  12. Li-Mari

    The art of becoming, being present and focusing on the person you are with, even when alone, has becone a practical reality for me after completing this introductary course. I initially did the course on Udemy, and have subsequently enrolled for the full Balanxe Life Coaching program. See future course reviews on my experienxe. I have revisited the content many times when I get stuck in a life crisis to help refocus myself or another. Nico has a firm grasp on the reality of a hard life and bring true perspective on the value and practise of compassionate coaching. No better master trainer than Nico.

  13. Elizabeth

    Nico shares in this course well proven tools, truths, wisdom, a look at things in a hopeful but realistic way. He speaks in honesty from years of being formed, built by fire; from coaching experience, in modesty. Very well balance between theory and reality and the spiritual. He teaches from a deep relatio nship with Jesus. The way he conveys this knowledge is done in a simple and understandable way. He has a passion of guiding you to become the best person you can. It will take you to a higher level in your life.

  14. Derik Smith

    I have done a variety of coaching courses, both locally and internationally, but this one remains my preferred course. Besides it being very helpful in getting a good understanding of coaching, it also puts you on a path of self discovery, which none of the other courses I have done, does. I also found that this has provided me with the most practical and useful model for coaching others. The other very significant difference is the relationship one develops with Nico, he is so much more than just a teacher, he is a true and inspirational soul mate.

  15. Elmari

    This course definitely had a great impact on my life. Nico made me aware of si many things that held me back in my life. I cannot get enough of the prescious things I was taught inorder to live my life inmy identity and purpose. Thank you, Nico. Thank you Father for bringing me on this road.

  16. Angus

    The key to me on this course is the humanity, support and engagement offered and given by Nico, who, while assisting us all with our own self-discovery and awareness, is fired by passion for people and God. All elements of the course, and attendees, are linked by spiritual enlightenment. If participants wish to engage at that level, their faith grows as a bonus, if they don’t, they come away refreshed and enlightened, with a deeper understanding of people and coexistence.

  17. Elizabeth

    This is a life changing course. Not only is it enriching but also sparked a fire in my soul. I cannot recommend this course enough. Nico is the best mentor ever. You opened my eyes and healed my ❤. Thank you.

  18. Naledi

    This course is embedded on the principles of God. It laid a foundation of my becoming, carefully designed and well packaged with tools to enable successful growth and change. I had time to introspect myself based on my past and present with the prospect of good future in which I will live to fulfill God’s purpose. I highly recommend it to everyone. Many thanks to coach Nico for such a tremendous work.

  19. Valerie

    This significance of this course will be duplicated through me and every other coach to assist people in knowing their true identity and becoming the person they were created to be. The fulfillment I enjoyed by advancing myself and improving my thinking surpassed all my expectations. My wish is that hundreds of people, especially aspiring coaches will accept the challenge to enroll in this course. Introduction to Coaching provides people an understanding of the different kinds of helping relationships and assists them to find his specific niche knowing where his own strengths lie. The world needs this today. Thank you, Nico.

  20. Heleen

    This course is a life changing experience. Nico’s vast experience, expertise, faith and sound theoretical principals are driving forces of this course. He has the ability to impart his knowledge and experience in a stimulating way. The course is well-designed and there are so many excellent tools to use for self-improvement and coaching. Taking this course is an investment in your future.

  21. Martinus

    Life changing course presented by one of the best in this field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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