Online Course: Balance Life Coach 4 – A Life Coaching Process


An online training course to become a Balance Life Coach. This Life Coaching course is the 4th of 4 courses.

This Course consists of the following 9 master classes:

Coaches and students are introduced to coaching with the following coaching tools

  1. Master Class 1: Coaching Needs Assessment
  2. Master Class 2: Making Significant Changes
  3. Master Class 3: Temperament Assessment
  4. Master Class 4: Purpose In Four Contexts
  5. Master Class 5: Personality Assessment
  6. Master Class 6: Personal Purpose Assessment
  7. Master Class 7: DISC Assessment
  8. Master Class 8: Enneagram
  9. Master Class 9: Delivering On The Dreams Of My Life

Lifetime Access: When you buy this course you have lifetime access to it.

Presenter: Nico Liebenberg



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